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Printed Icing Sheets


Cookie Bouquet by Stephanie Crawford
Pumpkin shaped cookie cutter
Large round cookie cutter
Sugar cookies on a stick
Royal icing (white, yellow)
Luster dust (orange, green)
Soft brush
Square tipped brush
Orange sprinkles
Square of fun foam
Floral foam
Small pot or basket
Clear wrap
PhotoFrost pre-printed and pre-cut sheets
PhotoFrost orange and yellow Cut-n-Frost sheets
Black edible ink
Rubber stamp
Foam brush
1.Begin by taking your orange Cut-n-Frost sheet and placing it on your foam square.  Taking the pumpkin cookie cutter, cut out 3 pumpkins by pressing the cutter down on top of the sheet on the foam map and gently pull the extra away to give you a pumpkin shape.
2.Do the same with the large circle cutter and the yellow Cut-n-Frost sheet.  You will only need on one of these.
3.Take your white royal icing and your square tip brush and brush a THIN layer of it the icing to the top of your cookie.  Attach the appropriate color to the appropriate cookie.  Your cookie is now iced and it is now on to the fun part of decorating.
4.You want to first dust your pumpkins with the luster dust.  You can do the whole thing, or show ribbed lines, whatever you desire.  Use the green luster dust to create a stem.
5.Next take your rubber stamp(s) and gently apply some of the edible ink using your foam brush.  You will do all or one of your pumpkins this way.  However, practice with a piece of paper to get the “feel” of your ink and stamp.  Put your pumpkins aside to dry.
6.You will notice in your packet a green sheet that has pre-cut leaves.  Take your scissors and cut a few narrow strips of the green sheet.  Take these strips and using an extra cookie stick wrap the strip around the stick.  You will end up with little green curls that we will use for our pumpkin vines.  Set these aside.
7.Take your yellow icing and gently apply a thin line of it around the edge of your yellow sheet.  Then take your square tip brush and gently brush towards the center.  This will give the effect of sun rays.  Sprinkle the rays with orange sprinkles.  This should take very little time to dry.
8.You now want to gently peel the scarecrow from its backing, apply a thin layer of white icing with your brush and attach him to your sun.  You may want to give him a friend, so attach one of the cut out crows and attach it using a little icing.
9.By now the pumpkins should be dry and we can attach our vines, leaves and maybe a few crows using a sparing amount of the royal icing.
10.Allow your project to dry. It could take ½ hour or 2  hours or more depending on the humidity.
Putting together the bouquet
1.Put floral foam in basket
2.Tie a ribbon around the outside of your pot or basket
3.Arrange cookies in floral foam
4.Put excelsior on top to cover foam
5.Place a piece or two of double sided tape to the bottom of your pot.
6.Place bouquet in pre-sized bag or in the center of your clear cello wrap.
7.If using a bag simply gather at top and use decorative ribbon to close
8.If using clear plastic wrap pull up the front and pull it towards the back.  Tape the sides in place and pull the back piece forward.  Gather at the top and tie with ribbon.  Tuck the sides in to make them neat.  You may need a bit more tape.
9.Add extra ribbon for decorative purposes and you are done.
Cookies on a stick
1.Using your favorite sugar cookie dough or the recipe provided below, roll out about 1/4” thickness.
2.Cut out your cookie and place it on parchment paper lined sheet.
3.Gently push stick into the bottom of the cookie.  You may want to gently place your hand on the top of the cookie to get a “feel for it” as you push the stick into the cookie.  But don’t press down too hard or you will deform the cookie.
4.Refrigerate about 5 minutes.
5.Bake until done.
6.If you have a cookie that feels a little insecure, encourage it by adding some royal icing along the back of it where the cookie stick is or you could also use some melted chocolate.
Sherrie’s Sugar Cookies
2 ¾ Cup All purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
In separate bowl (mixer bowl)
½ cup butter
¼ cup shortening
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1.Beat until lightly fluffy
2.Mix in flour mixture
3.Blended after each addition
4.After last add in, beat until smooth
5.Chill at least one hour.
6.Roll small amount at a time on floured surface
7.Cut into desired shapes and place on cookie sheet (I use parchment paper on the cookie sheet)
8.Put cookie sheets in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes
9.Immediately place in preheated oven (375 degrees).  
10.Bake approximately 8 minutes or until pale brown.  Time will vary depending on the size of the cookie