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PhotoFrost Edible Inks

Unlike other brands, PhotoFrost Edible Inks are blended in our own facility to our exact formula and specially purified using our meticulous method. Some companies make air brush colors, perfumes, salad dressing blends AND a wide variety of food colors. PhotoFrost does not. We make Edible Inks for Inkjet Printing and PhotoFrost Icing Sheets to print on ...period.

We make several models for Canon printers going back many generations and right up to current models. We chose to use chips that automatically reset for people who wsh to economise by refilling and get multiple uses from each cartridge. We also make available Genuine PhotoFrost Inks so you can refill with the same original quality food inks we use here in our factory.

We also make another formula specially blended for certain Epson printers in use in edible printing.

Additionally we research and develop the best maintenance procedures and trouble correcting methods to help you get the best performance and dependability from your printer.

Trust PhotoFrost to bring you the best solution.

Dispelling the Myth:
Sponged VS. Spongeless Cartridges

There have been many questions and false accusations regarding sponged cartridges and we would like to make it clear what is the actual truth on this matter.

Spongeless cartridges do not harbor bacteria whereas sponged cartridges do.

PhotoFrost Inks contain ingredients to neutralize bacteria and inhibit growth of new bacteria. However this is a food product and it is recommended that our products be best used within the 1st year after purchase.

Spongeless cartridges provide more volume of Edible Ink for their customers.

PhotoFrost cartridges hold the same volume of ink as a spongeless cartridge.

Spongeless cartridges do not need the sponge because the ink is of a higher filtered quality.

PhotoFrost has always used the HIGHEST ULTRA FILTRATION system when producing our Edible Inks to ensure best flow & reliable performance.

Sponged cartridges use the sponge to ensure proper back pressure in the cartridge for proper flow, whereas spongeless cartridges do not have this system to ensure proper flow in the cartridge which could lead to using more ink than necessary when printing or possibly ink loss during idle non-printing periods. PhotoFrost continues to provide its customers with the highest quality Edible Inks, FDA and KOSHER approved and manufactured right here in the USA. When it comes to Edible Inks and Icing Sheets do not settle for anything less than PhotoFrost high quality products.

Purchasing food products be sure you ask these questions:

Are your food products manufactured in the United States?
Overseas products do not have to meet all the same strict manufacturing guidelines that we are held to in the United States and some products violate numerous patents held here in the U.S.

Are your products FDA and Kosher approved
and is documentation available?

Some claim to hold FDA and Kosher approval, but make sure they can provide current documentation.
PhotoFrost makes available to our customers all documentation regarding our FDA and Kosher approval.